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Do you network?

Do you network? I'm not talking about how your computer is wired here - I mean do you actively meet with and talk to other business owners and decision-makers in the community? If not, you should! The benefits of business networking go way beyond just increasing your sales and driving traffic to your business. Networking, when done right, grows your circle of influence, which is a fancy way of saying the more you know about other businesses in the community, the more tools you have in your toolbelt to become an expert sought out by others. Allowing others to learn more about you also keeps you top of mind and positions you as the go to person in your field. Evansville businesses have lots of opportunities to network for free or as a benefit of belonging to an organization (like Combined Business Resources). If you want to know more about how networking can help your business, consider visiting Combined Business Resources next meeting and start getting to know some really awesome business people in your community. You just might find your next best customer in the process!